Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Internet Radio Station - Unsigned and Signed Music Radio

On 14th September 2012 after the school summer holidays and end of this pilot project, we are to re-launch the internet radio station.

This is going to be a very exciting time for us as the internet radio station is part of the Live365 Radio website and it is to be linked with the create and discover project!

As an additional activity for the second installment of this community project the students would be able to express their communication and presentation skills.

It is on the blog site as the blue and red radio player - Live 365 Radio.

Students would be able to practice their radio presenting skills as well as develop their much needed researching skills for school in a fun and interactive way!

One example for utilising the radio activity would be for interviewing guests only.  Another example is to produce a short radio show that includes radio presenting, music and interviews.

These shows would be broadcast onto and available on the internet for friends and family to listen to!

For further information please open the Live365 Radio link.

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