Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Cost of Each Session and Social Enterprise

You may be wondering what is the cost for taking part in this new project - well guess what?

If you made a guess that all these sessions are free then you were correct - well done!

This is a pilot project so we are providing children and young people a taster of the project we would like to start with and how we plan to develop it.  The project is to be held on each Saturday during the school summer holidays 2012.

Once the project is completed we are to complete surveys with each family that took part, if they would like to do this.  They do not have to if do not want to and this is fine.

By using the surveys gathered we would use them to help write a business plan for adapting the create and discover project into a social enterprise business after 1 or 2 years after providing this service.

This would be done by discussing the idea with the families and the students involved with the create and discover project.  So as to confirm whether this would be a suitable way forward with the project.

Also for further information regarding what a social enterprise business and how they benefit communities please open this social enterprise link.

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