Sunday, 22 July 2012

Update of the Business Side of the Project

Following the completion of an on-line Criminal Records Bureau or CRB application I am pleased to say that the following volunteers have received a cleared CRB application:-

Bob Reeve - CRB liaison officer.  Bob Wildig - volunteer chess tutor.  Raymond Woolery - volunteer art and business tutor.  Rajen Mistry - volunteer science tutor.  Robbi Jugganadum - volunteer computer tutor.  Craig Davis - volunteer business and science tutor.

This is the first part of the Benn Partnership Centre's and Ellie at Warwickshire County Council's requirement of safeguarding for children for any community projects.

So a big thank you to them for their support especially with the help for writing the governance policies, which include child protection policies and anti-bullying policies.

In addition, the volunteers complete an application form as part of an interview before they start their trial period coordinating the workshops and activities.

Overall, I am proud to be working alongside the volunteer tutors - thank you for your support with this community-based project!

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