Friday, 8 August 2014

Project Development Activities - Team Leadership and Team Building!

Hi guys, me again!

Please be aware:  We encourage our students to express themselves as creative and confident students. Although if any students interrupt other students engaged in any workshop or activity then we sit them down and have a one to one session encouraging team-work and "Gold Star" behaviour.

These were the final videos for the session and the students really pulled together to build some tall towers!
We give them £1500 for each team leader (don't worry it's only monopoly money!)  to buy the materials (from some "rip-off" supplier!) and they are encouraged to complete the task in the time them have.

In addition we have included the student's actual steps and conversations they had during the tasks.

So a big well done to you guys - remember to keep on going as you are really improving!

Team Leadership and Team-Building 1

Team Leaderships and Team Building 2

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