Friday, 8 August 2014

Art and Chess Activities!

Hi guys, I hope all is well.

Sometimes during the fun classes we have to put our "serious hat on!"

Please note: In addition to our safeguarding and child protection policies we have behaviour and anti-bullying documents as well. We always encourage our students to express themselves in a creative and confident way.  Although if a student appears to be disrupting the class we sit down with them and have a one to one session encouraging them to behave with "gold star" behaviour.  As such this is not shown on the videos.

Although on a lighter note:-

Below are the 3 art and chess videos (with some computers mixed in as well!)
The students did engage well  with these tasks and with passion!  We aim to show them that they can produce art products not just electronic-based products.

We have also included the student's actual steps and conversations they had during the tasks.

Keep up the great work you're doing guys!

Take a look and enjoy!

Art and Science

Computer, Chess, and Art

Chess and Art

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