Thursday, 13 September 2012

Photos of Create and Discover Project in Rugby Observer - Page 14!

I have some more fantastic news!  You should read page 14.  This is in paper  - 13th September 2012.

Please open the following link - Rugby Observer Paper and read page 14.

Create and Discover project have had their pictures and story published.  This is an incredible ending for part 1 of 4!

Thank you to all tutors, students and supporters as your help is greatly appreciated! 

I can't wait to work with everyone again during part 2 of 4.

In addition I believe the project can now move forward with even greater confidence as we are now going to provide music production workshops! Music which is to be broadcast on the internet by the students.

Also the students are to learn how to make short videos by using the camera equipment and editing software!

I am extremely grateful and pleased that I was able to be a part of the project and share these experiences with the tutors, students, parents and guardians, as well as everyone else involved. 

Thank you all once again! We are all happy for all help and support.

We are also to increase all our promotional and advertising activities to raise even more awareness of this free, community-based project.

Just to let you know as part of the project all certificate holders, that is, students with first and second place certificates are now part of the children and young people committee!

This means that they now would sit on the co-ordinators and tutors discussion table.  This is so that they are involved in deciding what workshops and activities we could add to the project for part 2 of 4 in January 2013.

For example, on the blog website Abigail would be part of the children and young people committee only for the computer animation, free hand drawing, science and business workshops and activities.  So would be on the discussion table with 4 of the workshops and activities we provide.

Again well done to you students!  Remember students: Keep on going, keep on going - No one can ever reach their dreams or make them a reality by standing still.

Create and Discover: Touch Your Imagination - Produce Inspiration

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