Monday, 10 September 2012

End of Part 1 of 4 - 1st September 2012

We would like to congratulate the students who 'created and discovered' a variety of finished products during their with us!

They gained a lot of positive experiences and we have posted a selection of their photos.

During their time with Create and Discover they have shown that they can feel fulfilled with their achievements and we have recommended to take this confidence in their abilities while at school too!

Plus they have have the certificates to prove they can achieve things!  Such as with chess, art, science, business and project management!

Together as well as individuals they - touched their imaginations (had to think creatively) and produced inspiration (finished products of high standard).

Please join us and congratulate the students for their efforts while viewing these photos!

Create and Discover: Touch Your Imagination - Produce Inspiration.

Project Management - Darian (left and Team Leader), Raymond (volunteer tutor) and Dionne

Project Management (Dionne, Team Leader)

Abigail (left and Team Leader) and Jodhveer

Raj (left, volunteer tutor), Abigail (Team Leader) and Jodhveer

Darian and Art, Free Hand Drawing

Abigail and Art, Free Hand Drawing


Jodhveer and Dionne

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