Sunday, 9 November 2014

Updated BBC Bitesize Website - Guidance and Clues for the Prize Draw Answers

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Guidance and Clues

This is the website for the updated BBC bitesize website 

Computing - Computer science - How does the internet work (Q1 - What is the internet?)

Art and design - Inspiration and investigation - Art history (Q2 - Who born in 1852 designed the Casa Vicens?)

Science - Electricity - Circuits  (Q3 - What scientific discovery did Michael Faraday make?)

Note: Please do not worry - the case in the photos for the disney infinity 2.0 marvels game is the display case. I have borrowed it from the Game store in town and I am to return it next week when I collect the customer pack - the store had run out.  Sorry about that!

The guy in Game store also works with community projects as well and wishes the project and everyone involved all the best wishes.

For any further information contact us via phone, email, or this blog.  Our website is still under construction although the email function is working and operational.

Have a look at the photos below (click on them to zoom in), also have fun and good luck!!!

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