Monday, 6 October 2014

Computing in the National Curriculum - Primary Schools in the UK


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Sorry I have a long post but it is interesting one!
I would like to share with you an update regarding how students are going to be engaged with computing in primary schools.

From September 2014 (yes last month!) schools are going to be recommending that students engage with the more interactive subject of computing, which is more in depth in some ways that ICT.

So don't worry - we have also been encouraging our Create and Discovery students since 2012 to use computing to create their own animations and computer games.  What is great is that our after school project can now also help students with their school work,  a subject taught on the national curriculum - how cool is that!

Additionally, while I am mentioning computer games we are to going to hold a prize draw to promote the next launch date of the Create and Discovery programme in January 2015.

The prize draw to be held in December 2014 is going to be for popular computer games, so these could also be early Christmas presents.
One of the 5 or so prizes is going to be the lego marvel super heros computer game as it was predicted to be popular for this Christmas on the Xbox or platform of their choice.  So could be an early Christmas present as well!

To win a prize students need to answer the questions posed correctly and then have their ticket number pulled out of the prize draw box, by one of our previous students.  This is great news for our previous students as well!

So to summarise the ICT previously taught in schools is now more interactive and called computing. Computing is part of the national curriculum in schools, and with Create and Discovery we have helped students to develop this skill since 2012. In addition to promote the next Create and Discovery launch date January 2015 we are holding a prize draw for students.  The details of the prize draw are to be posted soon.

Please also take a look at these 2 following short videos for the background of the new computing subject to being taught in  schools and enjoy!

This is the second video, have a look and enjoy!

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