Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Hi and Welcome to Our Chess Activities!

Hi guys!

Thanks for bearing with me!

Welcome to our third rolling pilot for the Create and Discovery project - we are going to continue rolling out this pilot scheme until our big day when we get some funding! So as soon as this happens we are you let you know!

We had the first session on the 19rd July and this session in the video was on the 26th July.

On Saturday the team have worked really hard to get us to this stage so big well done to you!

Although our students have worked even harder! They have shown that they are well on their way to becoming creative and confident, problem solving students, so a really big well done to the students!

Remember - keep on going guys, keep on going!

This first video is of the chess training session so have a look and enjoy! The second video below is of the chess workshop.

This is the chess workshop  - take a look and enjoy!

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