Sunday, 12 August 2012

Pictures and Video of Project Management-Based Activity

Students were enhancing their project management skills by discovering how to recognise and improve their communication and construction techniques.

This task is called Jelly Spaghetti and students were given £1500 (monopoly money) to buy materials and also asked team players to help them build the tallest tower possible.

Robbi and Raj (volunteer tutors) helped student team leaders to discover their own confidence in communicating ideas to their team.  This is before they start creating their own style of towers.

All tutors were very pleased by the way the students expressed their creative abilities in this task as both the towers produced were taller than the provided structures.

Students had to choose whether to copy the structures available or to discover alternative ways to produce the highest tower.

Have a look at the pictures and video and enjoy!

Robbi (Volunteer Tutor) with Omar's (Team Leader)Tower  (Omar not in picture)

Raj (volunteer tutor), Jodhveer (team leader and his tower) and Omar
Abigail's Recorded Interview of Project Management Group

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