Thursday, 22 March 2012

About Create and Discover

Hi and welcome to our website!

To help you better understand why we are providing these activities we are to show the related question - "Do you think that students (children and young people) are always fulfilled with their lives at school?"  By this we mean do students feel that they have a good sense of achievement when at school.

If you answer was - 'not always' - then this is understandable as it was similar to our answer.

We want to work with parents and guardians to help meet some of the needs of children and young people aged between 4 years and 16 years of age.  Activities and workshops are at the Benn Partnership Centre, Railway Terrace, Rugby.

Our vision or ideal picture - 'A West Midlands Without Unfulfilled Students'

Our mission or purpose -  to help and enable students to understand the advantages of being multi-talented.  As well as to help the students decide that they can work together to have a positive impact on society.

So if know of any students who you feel would like the chance to achieve more and have a positive impact on society then view the poster and contact us either by e-mail, text, phone or the website.

Create and Discover: Touch Your Imagination - Produce Inspiration

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